Facebook Pragati

The/Nudge Accelerator

Powered by The/Nudge Centre for Social Innovation, the Facebook Pragati initiative, which entered its second year, will incubate and accelerate, early stage women-led nonprofits that are working around women related issues (such as entrepreneurship, digital inclusion, technology, and health).

Who can apply?

If you match the following requirements, apply today:

  • Early-stage startup (1-5 years) with a well defined program.
  • At least one woman co-founder
  • Registered as a section 8 company, a trust or a society.
  • Core team across functions in place.
  • Solution impacts women (in areas such as entrepreneurship, digital inclusion, technology, and health.)
  • You have raised money from other sources.

What do we have to offer?
  • Dedicated mentoring (12-24 months) by some of India’s most admired leaders.
  • Incubation / Acceleration grant of up to ₹ 50 lakhs.
  • We connect you to a supportive network of founders, experts and administrators.
  • Help with key milestones like brand building, funding, product-market fit etc. in an accelerated manner.

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Facebook Pragati applications are now closed, in case you have any queries please reach out at csi@thenudge.org.