The/Nudge SocEnt Quarterly | Edition #01

Impact Report 2022

We are excited to share “The/Nudge Incubator Program : Impact Assessment Study”. The study is meant to capture not only the impact of the program on our incubatees starting with the inaugural cohort in 2017 but also our impact on the ecosystem towards our goal of bringing top talent to the sector.

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What and How?

Impact study set out to understand 
1. Impact of The/Nudge Incubator program the incubatees 
2. Overall impact assessment in the broader ecosystem including funding

Study conducted over 13 weeks in 4 phases - Design, Execution, Analysis and Reporting. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) Development Assistance Committee (DAC) evaluation framework was deployed for the study.

Impact of the program on incubatees 


incubatees reported improvement in their product readiness


incubatees reported improvement in their organization culture


of the incubatees were able to secure more funding due to the incubation exposure


reported an increase in awareness across all themes


incubatees attributed some of their partnerships to The/Nudge's network


incubatees reported having prudent financial practices after undergoing the program


reported improvement in skills

Impact of the program on ecosystem

The/Nudge provides structured support to the incubatees which is crucial for early-stage startups

The/Nudge instills trust and credibility with their brand name which helps early-stage founders access networks

The/Nudge has been part of creating an attitude shift in the mind of donors wrt to nonprofits and the nonprofit model at large

The/Nudge provides a one-of-a-kind platform for nonprofit startups to project their work. With their established and far-reaching network.

The/Nudge has supported young founders to leverage opportunities available in the sector.


While mentorship is one of the highest rated aspects of the program, increase in access to overall mentor network for incubatees in a manner that they could reach out to any or all of The/Nudge’s mentors.

Need to strengthen alumni outreach for the program to maintain a long lasting relationship with the alumni network. A need to be connected with the alumni was expressed by the incubatees as well.

The need for graduating incubatees to build strong MEL systems and processes with robust data and therefore the programs role in capacity building founders accordingly.

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