India Development Review

India Development Review

To further the world’s knowledge on social change.


By providing access to relevant expertise, amplifying diverse models/approaches, and disseminating learnings regionally, IDR increases access to evidence-based knowledge. This helps stakeholders take more informed decisions, leading to greater impact.


Smarinita Shetty

Smarinita is co-founder and CEO at IDR. Prior to IDR, Smarinita worked at Dasra, Monitor Inclusive Markets (now FSG), JP Morgan and The Economic Times. She also co-founded Netscribes–India’s first knowledge process outsourcing firm. Smarinita has a BE in Computer Engineering and an MBA in Finance, both from Mumbai University.

Rachita Vora

Rachita oversees new initiatives, partnerships, the website, and brand at IDR.

Before IDR, Rachita led the Dasra Girl Alliance, a Rs. 250 crore multi-stakeholder initiative that sought to improve maternal and child health outcomes, and empower adolescent girls in India. She has close to 15 years of experience, and has led teams in the areas of financial inclusion, public health and CSR. She has also led functions across strategy, business development, communications and partnerships, and her writing has been featured in the Guardian, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Next Billion and Alliance Magazine.

Rachita has an MBA from Judge Business School at Cambridge University and a BA in History from Yale University. She is also a former professional athlete, ranked among India’s top 5 junior Squash players, and has represented the country at various international championships.

Devanshi Vaid

Devanshi oversees outreach, dissemination, audience growth, user engagement and media partnerships at IDR.

Prior experience includes working as a part of the advisory research team at Dasra, and as a news producer at Times Now. Devanshi holds a BA in English Literature from Bryn Mawr College; has practice in building out communication and dissemination strategies, as well as in creating digital, user-friendly content.



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