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The proposed research will put forth a taxonomy of the forms that can be used as proxies for property records in urban areas, some of which are already used to sustain informal tenure arrangements. Harnessing the credibility of different forms of representing property claims in localised settings will allow the functionality of various de facto tenures to be retained.


Dr. Sony Pellissery

Pellissery is an Associate Professor for Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy (CSSEIP), and he is a public policy specialist with special interest in distributive justice. He teaches Introduction to Public Policy and Policy Analysis. After his doctoral studies from Oxford University he was serving as Associate Professor at the Institute of Rural Management, Anand. In 2009 he won India Social Science Research award for his academic contributions. His monograph on The Politics of Social Protection in Rural India is a classic on the limits of policies to reach the poorest sections where social forces constrain the State.


Property Rights
Property Records
Bangalore, Karnataka
Pan India
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