Securing forest land ownership and livelihoods for tribal women.


Pradeepan, founded in 1994 in Betul, strives to uplift the underprivileged sections of society (women, children, tribal population) through a community empowerment approach. Over the past 28 years, its impact has grown exponentially among the tribals. It is also working towards building grassroot cognizance about government schemes and has collaborated with various government(al) stakeholders for the same. Through the Meri Mitti Challenge, Pradeepan aims to tackle the problem of landlessness of women resulting from a lack of formal records of ancestral lands, low levels of literacy, poverty, lack of technical and leadership skills.


Rekha gujre

Rekha Gujre is an activist and social worker. Having witnessed the humiliation of social exclusion and untouchability, she joined the People's Institute for Development and Training New Delhi in order to solve the problems of social inequality. She has been actively working on issues pertaining to rights of women, tribals, dalits, labourers, right to livelihood and equality for nearly 4 decades now, since 1983.


Gender & Sustainable Communities
Madhya Pradesh
Meri Mitti Challenge

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