strong school leaders for better learning outcomes


Alokit's vision is to see all children in India learning in high-quality schools led by empowered leaders. In order to achieve this vision, they support school leaders (Principals / HMs and education officers) to improve their leadership practices which in turn leads to improvement in school processes and culture. This results in change and improvement of teaching-learning practices which ultimately improves student outcomes. Alokit’s solution consists of three components - training & workshops, coaching to ensure effective implementation, and fostering a community of school leaders. Alokit also wants to partner with the government in co-designing programs for school leaders and enabling evidence based policy making.


Baidurya Sen

Baidurya has worked in the school leadership space in different capacities. He designed and developed the curriculum of India School Leadership Institute’s (ISLI) various programmes. He also led the Delhi program team and coached school leaders from government and affordable private schools in his previous roles at ISLI. He spent a year prior to that as a school leader at Shoshit Samadhan Kendra, Patna, where he worked closely with one of the most marginalized communities of India, the Musahars. He was also a Teach for India fellow and taught primary school children in a municipal school. Baidurya is an electrical engineer by qualification but an educator by heart.
Baidurya is an avid nature-lover and loves traveling to the hills and the jungles. When he is not working, he can be found dabbling in poetry, listening to classical music or watching Hollywood or Bengali classics.

Baidurya leads product, evaluation and operations at Alokit.

Manvi Arora

Manvi is an engineer by qualification and an educator by choice. She has over 10 years of experience in both corporate and social enterprise. She worked for three years as an IT engineer before transitioning to the social sector.

Manvi started her journey in education as a Teach For India fellow, where she gained experience in teaching and realized the importance of a trained school principal. This realization pushed her to focus on leadership development further with the India school leadership institute (ISLI) to support school leaders in their professional development.

In her last role, Manvi headed Government and Strategic Partnerships at ISLI. She led partnerships that included three state governments and other external partners.

Manvi is a fitness freak and enjoys geeking over bollywood movies in her spare time.

Manvi leads the program and technology at Alokit.

Sai Bathena

Pramod is an engineer by profession but chose social engineering as a career. He is passionate about providing quality learning opportunities for students from the marginalized sections of the society. He is a Teach For India alumnus and has over 10 years of experience in the field of education and skill development. He has worked in diverse profiles - Assistant Professor in an engineering college, trainer and coach for civil services and competitive exams aspirants, leading young leadership camps, etc. He was instrumental in setting up a strong school leadership program in Telangana as part of his work at India School Leadership Institute since 2015.

Pramod is interested in politics and public policy, and loves to read articles and research around the developments in contemporary politics. He loves long drives and adventures.

Pramod pursued MS in Digital Radio from Telecom ParisTech, France and holds a Masters in Engineering from College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University.

Pramod leads partnerships and curriculum at Alokit.


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