Ayang Trust

Ayang Trust

Empowering communities by mobilising women, tribals and marginal farmers towards a just and equitable society


Ayang endeavours to work towards the transformation of the marginalised communities of Northeast India through the areas of education, healthcare and livelihood. From working along with the community in creating a sustainable eco-tourism project to providing exposure to sustainable menstrual hygiene in women, it envisions to create a sustainable future for the communities. Through its participation in the Meri Mitti Challenge, Ayang Trust strives to secure livelihood opportunities for women in Majuli, Assam.


Dharamjeet Kumar

Dharamjeet stands for dignity, connectedness, and equity. Growing up in a farming family, the importance of knowledge and skills to exercise agency is something he understands wholly. This evolved as a passion for social change leading him to pursue an MA in Development from Azim Premji University and eventually work in Majuli as part of the Clinton Fellowship. Post fellowship, he co-founded Ayang spearheading the livelihood initiatives of the organisation.

Aswathy Nag

Aswathy stands for compassion, equity, and justice. She believes that the best answer to most of the world’s problems is our children. She is keenly interested in finding ways in which children in low-income communities are best equipped to make the world a better place. Her journey of seeking took her through Teach For India fellowship, working in the conflicted affected areas of NE India, an MA in Peace Education, and eventually co-founding Ayang.

Bipin Dhane

Bipin stands for love, integrity, and courage. This led him to the social space after a naval engineering stint in Singapore and BTech/MTech from IIT Kharagpur. Along with the community, Bipin started The Hummingbird School in January 2017 and founded Ayang in November 2017.


Sustainable Communities
Majuli, Assam
North India
Meri Mitti Challenge

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