Mitti Cafe

Mitti Cafe

Mitti Cafe works for Economic independence and dignity for persons with disability through livelihood development opportunities via inclusive cafes


MITTI Cafe, as a part of its livelihood development initiative for the economic independence and dignity of persons with disability, creates employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for adults with physical, intellectual and multiple disability through cafes within institutional spaces. These Cafes are unique as they are designed as platforms for the differently-abled communities to showcase their potential for productive activity and to create awareness for the cause of equal opportunities in employment. By engaging persons with disability we believe that they would act as agents of change by example and thereby promote a system of self sustenance and wellness , as well as create awareness for the cause of inclusion.


Alina Alam

Alina has done her Masters from Azim Premji University in Bangalore. She founded her first NGO (SSRI) in Mumbai at the age of 18, while in her 1st year of college.


Capacity Building
South India

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