Improving learning outcomes through free, interactive and personalized content


Plio's mission is to improve learning outcomes by making online learning more interactive. Plio converts a passive video into an active learning element by overlaying questions throughout the video. This simple change on hand, allows students to get immediate feedback, while on the other hand, it helps teachers gain a more granular understand of the learning levels for each student. Plio ultimately intends to build personalized lesson plans for each student.


Deepansh Mathur

Deepansh is a Co-Founder of Plio and leads the Design and Development front at Plio. He’s working at Fair Issac Corporation (FICO) as a Solution Integration Consultant. He has always been passionate about using technology for social good and building solutions that are free to use and impactful. Deepansh graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati.

Aman Dalmia

Aman is a Co-Founder of Plio and leads AI strategy and implementation. Previously, he has worked at Wadhwani AI, Niramai and HyperVerge. At Wadhwani AI, he led the research effort on using AI for early detection of pest infestation and using cough as a biomarker to detect COVID-19. He also played a key role in an ongoing effort to use AI for identifying malnutrition in neonates using just a smartphone video. Aman graduated with a Bachelor's Degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati.


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