Nari Samta Manch

Nari Samta Manch

Towards Gender Equality


The proposed research will develop an evidence base of existing land tenancy practices carried out by socially marginalised groups in select villages of Maval and Mulshi tehsils of Pune district. It will examine causes for the disjuncture between de jure and de facto implementation of provisions for SC/ST tenants under The Maharashtra Tenancy and Agricultural Lands Act 1948.


Dr Girija Godbole

Girija is currently working at the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) at IIT Bombay. In addition to conducting research and teaching, she also coordinates activities of the Gender and Policy Forum at CPS. She recently completed her Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge under the Gates Cambridge Scholarship. Her research sought to understand the impacts of increasing incidence of land sale on a rural society in Pune district. Prior to her Ph.D, she completed a M.Phil. in Environment, Society and Development in Geography Department at University of Cambridge under the Gates Cambridge Scholarship.


Property Rights
Agricultural Land Tenancy
Maval & Munshi Tehsil, Maharashtra
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